Tanooki Labs offers a range of services for building Distributed Applications on the Ethereum Blockchain. From consultation and feasibility studies to full application development we are ready to help you fully utilize the Blockchain to enhance your product. To take a look at what we think about developing with blockchain technology, and Ethereum development in particular, take a look at our Ethereum Playgrounds project.


Consultation &
Design Review

If you’re just starting on the road to building on the Blockchain, we’re happy to sit down and talk through your concept for how to build or improve your product using the Blockchain. We’ll examine the strategy and concept and then run a feasibility study to prove your core thesis. If you’re thinking about an ICO this is your first step.



ĐApp Architecture

Your blockchain idea has been validated but you’ve decided that you’re not prepared to bootstrap your application but you need more than concept validation. To get to the next step in fundraising, whether that’s an ICO or a more traditional seed round, detailing the architecture around your ĐApp is an invaluable next step



Smart Contract Development

In order to gain wide adoption, a technology must provide utility. In the world of blockchain one of the best ways to accomplish that is through the development of a Smart Contract. The Tanooki team can help you bring your Smart Contract concept from idea to reality.



ĐApp PoC

Because we believe in investing in the future of software development we’re doing more than writing about the blockchain, we’re actively building in-house Tanooki ĐApps. Our Smart Contract application, BlockWire, takes advantage of Smart Contract technology and the Ethereum Blockchain to provide the competitive advantage of verifiable news releases to Reportable News, a Tanooki Labs project.