The Forem


Do you know how to level up your career?

How to build skills to develop your career?

How to make your next review a slam dunk?

For many of us the answer to most questions around career development is IDK, maybe???

Over the past 9 months the Tanooki Labs team has worked with Founder, Ex-Googler and Career Coach Alli Young to create The Forem, a platform to help employees to get further in their organizations, faster. The Forem launched this summer and is currently helping own their personal career development. With a personalized plan, based on real goals, users are guided into next level of their career by a series of steps to ensure they are seen for the great impact they provide their organization every day.

The journey began with a Tanooki Sprint Zero where our design and product teams worked with the team at The Forem to identify the various users and user flows as well as the different objects present within the system. The resulting Invision prototype was then used for fundraising and product validation.

The resulting product is a beautiful, simple to navigate, and extremely valuable resource for employees at every stage of their career. The Forem is simply the best way to make sure that you’re recognized for the great impact that you have on your organization.