Our (Podular) Approach


At Tanooki Labs we work in development pods and use Agile methodology to provide transparency. As a Tanooki Labs client you'll have access to your pod via email and a dedicated Slack Channel.

Each pod consists of:
1 Product CTO
1 Project Manager
1 - 3 Developers

Over the years we’ve developed a process that has proven to result in happy partners and happy developers. We know everyone hates meetings, but these are crucial to keeping your project on time and on budget.

The Daily Standup
Standups happen every day from kickoff through release. Quick, 15 minute check ins where the team aligns to ensure everyone knows what they are working on, along with an opportunity to clear out any “blocks” a developer might have on a user story.

The Iteration Planning Meeting (IPM)
The focus of this meeting is to specify requirements for the user stories the developers will be working on for the next week’s sprint. This is also an important meeting as it’s where we talk through each user story individually and ensure we have enough understanding to work on it, and then later deliver it as it is intended.

The Demo/Retro/RPM
The last meeting of the week is broken into 3 parts.

  1. Demo
    A demonstration of the work done on the software in the previous sprint.
  2. Retrospective (Retro)
    A time where all team members have the opportunity to talk openly about the project, identify positives and negatives, and build action items to enhance the team’s efficiency.
  3. Release Planning Meeting (RPM)
    A chance to look at the project from a higher level and see how the work is being completed against the timeline.