Founders: Lessons Learned From Hundreds of Startup Launches

You are launching a product and have a million things to do. First you try to do it all yourself and you soon figure out what you don’t know and don’t do well. Next you start hiring but it takes time to build a team. And then you consider bringing in outside advisors but wonder how to get effective help. Knowing how and when to choose among the three ways startups grow will accelerate your company’s path to product/market fit.

The panel was moderated by Andrew Sispoidis, an early stage investor and repeat founder who has sold 3 companies, raised more than $250 million in capital, and returned over $1.4 billion in value. The panelists have helped hundreds of ventures launch and accelerate. We will then have ample time for questions, group discussion, and then networking.


Andrew Sispoidis (moderator) – Managing Partner, Kynismos, an investment and advisory group focused on select technology companies from early stage to lower middle market.

David Renz – Co-founder, Tanooki Labs, a product and development agency in NYC combines CTO-level technical and product strategy with excellent technical and design execution to become a trusted partner for entrepreneurs.

Harlan Milkove – Managing Partner, Foundational, a fundraising strategy firm that expedites the pursuit of early-stage venture capital. Its framework-driven approach proactively aligns startups with the expectations of their prospective investors to eliminate the months of consensus building that leads to the prolonged fundraising cycles.

Erik Fabian – Founder, Upright Brand, a brand marketing consultancy, that helps entrepreneurs stand above the hustle in an age of off-the-shelf ventures. Erik formerly built the brand teams at Moleskine America and Greenhouse Software. He has been called a “brand therapist” for his work helping organizations develop their strategy, story, and plan.