Our Team


Eric Skiff,

Tanooki Labs Co-Founder, Eric is an alum of Drop.io, Amplify and AOL’s product incubator QLabs. Since co-founding Tanooki Labs, Eric has focused on helping entrepreneurs build their business as well as their products. As the Tanooki resident hardware hacker Eric is also a co-founder of NYC Resistor, the Brooklyn hackerspace.


Dave Renz,

Following a career in enterprise IT organizations, and multiple startups Dave joined the team at QLabs.  Dave has a track record of tackling complex problems and finding creative ways to get the job done.


travis pew,
Web Director

Travis is the Web Director at Tanooki Labs and is often getting a little too excited about new continuous deployment strategies that post animated gifs. He has been programming and developing websites for as long as he can remember, but took a several year intermission as a molecular biology researcher. He has helped found a few startups, but now prefers to help advise them and to spend his spare time exploring the city and its parks with his son.


Keith Morris,
Managing Director

Keith started his career at GE, where he was a graduate of the Information Technology Leadership Program. There he launched and maintained several internal and external websites, focusing around the Olympics, brand management, public relations and GE’s Ecomagination initiative. On leaving GE, Keith led internal design, development and testing teams to produce innovative digital solutions across web, mobile, and e-commerce for multiple Fortune 500 companies across the globe.


Erik Carlson,
Director, PM

Erik Carlson is the Director of Product Management at Tanooki labs. With 11 years of experience, Erik has managed well over 150 projects and has helped build everything from marketing sites and enterprise platforms to clay-models and hardware builds.


Dan Scholz,
Director, BizDev

As Tanooki’s Director of Business Development, Dan is responsible for both building the lab’s brand and helping prospective clients define their needs. Dan has over 15 years of experience with brand development and product management for clients in finance, pharma, enterprise and consumer goods. He previously served as Global Head of Digital for Lazard Asset Management and Global Head of Digital Marketing at YouGov.