The Tanooki Pledge

Things We Promise to Do

  1. Treat your product as if it were our own, and think deeply about the product, it’s users, and your business.

  2. Send Weekly Reports to keep you informed on progress and budget.

  3. Attend Daily Standups to ensure developers have what they need and aren’t blocked.

  4. Perform Weekly in-progress demos (Demo), retrospective process reviews (Retro), and iteration planning meetings (IPM) to gather your feedback and prime upcoming work.

  5. Provide flexibility in features, scope, and timing based on your needs and feedback from early users, and input on how this may affect your budget.

  6. Provide timely invoicing.

  7. Always choose the right solution for the job, even if it means lower billable for us.

  8. Be available via Slack/Email.

Things You Promise to Do

  1. Be present at Demo, Retros and IPMs.

  2. Communicate with the team via Slack/Email.

  3. If there is a product owner other than yourself or the key stakeholder, empower the product owner to make product choices and direct development work.

  4. Work to ensure open communications with any additional partners.

  5. Pay invoices on or before the due date.

    1. If there needs to be a delay in payment, let us know ASAP, not after the payment is late.

  6. Accept/Reject features in Pivotal in a timely manner to provide input and time for our team to to make appropriate changes.