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At Tanooki Labs, our mission is to be a true partner to entrepreneurs. By combining CTO-level strategy with excellent execution, we're unlocking a new wave of East Coast innovation to rival Silicon Valley. We’ve assembled an incredible team of product-focused tech talent with decades of combined experience in the technology and startup scenes, and we’re relentless in our pursuit of excellent products, happy users, and a reputation as a trusted partner.



The WearWorks team approached Tanooki Labs to help develop the firmware and software to operate the navigation system as well as control the haptic motors on the Wayband.



Fans is a place for music enthusiasts to share their passion for live music experiences. For nearly 3 years, Tanooki Labs has partnered with Fans, acting as their CTO and technical organization.




At Tanooki Labs, we're entrepreneurs too! MediaMoji is a full-service CMS for iMessage and Sticker applications we built in-house. We've partnered with brands and influencers to bring their content to their fans with a easy-to-use solution.